The reassuring hallmarks of a traditional family funeral directors now stamped with today’s gold-standard mark of quality.


When the charismatic Tom Stafford began arranging funerals on the home soil of his beloved North Strand community in Dublin, the city was a place of simplicity back then. The concept of ethical gold standard awards for Quality in service was a long way off, but Tom instinctively knew that attention to detail was deeply important in helping a family create a meaningful funeral tribute in the midst of heart-wrenching grief and loss. The challenges are different now, but Stafford’s ethos of care essentially remains the same. like his grandfather before him, Jonathan Stafford, in his capacity as third-generation MD, remains actively committed to the highest professional standards, especially in today’s world, when more personalised funerals can be as varied and complex as expanding Dublin boundaries. Staffords remain grounded on Dublin’s North Strand, branching outwards with funeral homes in Donnycarney, and a beautiful bright new spacious funeral home full of options in Portmarnock, all reflecting a different city, different funeral needs, detail and attention to what people need becoming ever more important. As one of the proud sponsors of The Northside People Sports & Community Awards, Staffords intuitively understand the benefits of striving to achieve excellence in service – which is why the rigorous path and ethical independent assessment of the Gold-Q-Mark-Quality-Award journey is a perfect fit for Staffords – that longstanding spirit of service in how we respectfully continue to serve communities right across Dublin.

Stafford Funeral Directors: Trust our family to take care of yours.